Class Descriptions

Tambour Beading  Class Descriptions

The Beginner Tambour beading class covers the very basics of learning the technique from dressing the frame to finishing a piece. The techniques included in this class start with learning how the tambour hook functions to manipulate thread through fabric followed by learning to create the basic chain stitch which is the foundation of almost all tambour beading work. In addition to decorative thread stitching on the surface , we then move on to applying seed beads, bugle beads and sequins to the fabric to create a highly embellished piece of embroidery. Once the basic skills have been mastered, the stitching can flow quite rapidly and over time with practice one can develop a speed unlike any other type of hand embroidery.

The Advanced Tambour Beading class builds on the foundation of the basic stitch to create three dimensional elements as well as working a versatile satin stitch in thread and beads to create stunning effects. An applique stitch along with wiring techniques to create items like tiaras, rounds out these advanced techniques. It is crucial to be completely confident and secure with the basic chain stitch before moving on to more advanced techniques

Everything that is taught in the beginner and advanced classes is geared to developing the skills necessary to integrate this technique into fashion design and construction. All the techniques are covered in both of my books ( see PUBLICATIONS PAGE) as well as a complete play list on my Youtube Channel. Follow the links in the heading.